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Terms & Conditions
Terms and Conditions for Foreign Correspondent Banks
Terms and Conditions per Banche italiane
Terms and Conditions per Clientela
Terms and Conditions for Customers


Opening and confirmation of export/import L/Cs featuring sight/deferred payment

  • Issuance of irrevocable warrants against confirmed L/Cs
  • Back-to-back L/Cs
  • Discounting of acceptances


Issuance of contractual and financial guarantees/stand-by L/Cs

  • Issuance and acceptance of contractual and financial guarantees/stand-by L/Cs for Correspondent Banks


Post financing


Pre-export/import financing


M/L-T export financing, with or without insurance cover for credit and country risk




Oil-related financings


Presentation details for documentary credits
Presentation details for documentary collections


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