History and Values

Since its incorporation in 1972, Banca UBAE has endeavoured to be a trusted advisor and a privileged partner for companies and financial institutions wishing to establish or expand cross-border business relations. The key values underpinning the Bank’s pursuit of its corporate mission are:

  • Cultural knowledge
    Banca UBAE’s extensive acquaintance with the traditions and institutions of countries in the Arab-speaking world has proved essential for the successful fulfilment of its sensitive role as a business broker between Europe, North Africa, the sub-Saharan region, the Gulf and the Indian subcontinent.
  • Growth, innovation, autonomy
    By seeking growth through innovation and the constant improvement of its products and services, Banca UBAE has been generating added value for its customers, its personnel and all its Shareholders, whilst maintaining its own autonomy.
  • Fairness and impartiality
    All persons are treated with equal respect and attention, regardless of their race, sex, age, political opinions or trade-union affiliation.
  • Human Capital and trust
    Professional competence and a strong team spirit are hallmarks of the Bank’s business approach. Banca UBAE’s human resources are closely involved with, and constantly updated on, the development and implementation of corporate strategy. Staff members are trained to keep to their word and acknowledge the possibility of making mistakes.
  • Integrity
    The Bank upholds strict adherence to the principles and codes of conduct governing banking operations. In every department, it is committed to achieving the mutual satisfaction of all parties concerned in full compliance with the national and international legal provisions in force.
  • Transparency and dialogue
    Banca UBAE believes a thorough and unbiased flow of information adapted to the needs of the various parties with whom it interacts on a daily basis will encourage a more active and productive involvement on the part of its employees, Shareholders, customers and partners, leading to more informed decisions for the fulfilment of the Bank’s corporate mission.
  • Customer-Driven Approach
    By ensuring customers’ requirements are met with accuracy and speed and are designed to reflect specific market characteristics, Banca UBAE aims to build long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust.