Complaints must be sent to the Bank’s Complaints Office (Via Quintino Sella, 2 00187 Rome) by registered letter or by e-mail to the address or to the certified e-mail address


In the event of a complaint involving payment services, the Bank shall take a decision within 15 (fifteen) working days from its receipt; in exceptional situations, if the Bank can not reply within the aforesaid 15 (fifteen) days, for reasons beyond its control, it is required to send an interlocutory reply, clearly indicating the reasons for the delay and specifying the deadline by which the Customer will obtain a definitive answer. In any case, the deadline for receiving the definitive answer can not exceed 35 (thirty-five) working days.


In the event of complaints and disputes relating to banking and financial transactions and services (e.g. current accounts), the Bank will reply within 30 (thirty) days.
If the Customer is not satisfied or has not received a reply within the aforementioned deadline, before turning to the Judicial Authorities, he can contact the Financial Banking Arbitrator (ABF). To find out how to contact the Arbitrator, you can visit the website, and request information at the branches of Banca d’Italia, or at the Bank.


The Client can also access the Guide to the Financial Banking Arbitrator – ABF available on the Bank’s website ( in the “Transparency” section.
Should a dispute with the Bank arise, the Customer can activate a conciliation procedure consisting in trying to reach an agreement with the Bank, thanks to the intervention of an independent conciliator. For this service it is possible to contact the Financial Banking Conciliator (Body registered in the Register held by the Ministry of Justice) which offers mediation and arbitration services aimed at concluding disputes quickly and inexpensively, without heading to the Magistracy.


The right to appeal to the Judicial Authority remains unaffected if the conciliation fails.